The Apocalypse

3-6 players

103 min

the story…

Sometimes the truth is even more painful than death itself. The secret is well hidden inside Maria’s house. The house in which Maria was born but in which she never got the chance to grow. Maria needs your help no matter what the price may be. She wants you to get rid of the evil. In this house lies the reason her adoptive parents are dead. Each and every wall of this house has heard thousands of screams. Each and every wall of this house is full of blood. Each and every one of this house has witnessed hundreds of horrible crimes. In this house the evil has set its roots. The fight is between you and the evil and you have to win. You have to exorcise it at all costs. Even if you have to sacrifice someone. No matter what it happens you must stay calm and strong to survive. Do what you have to do. Maybe you have to be theone to be sacrificed..

If the Black Hole has caught your eye, the Apocalypse is here to catch your mind.

Solonos 14, Kallithea
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